The Center for Health Evolution supports the integration of physical, psychological, and spiritual health with a focus on the needs of individuals, couples, families and groups.

~ With a mind-body approach to manage stress, improve self-esteem,
recognize self-diminishing habits,and improve relationships. By teaching skills to maintain balance with self and help improve personal well being.

~ A folk therapy approach of our personal and collective story with psychotherapy, astrology, and mythology.

In our personal challenges we often focus on immediate problems, which
of course are very pressing and chaotic . But in this focus, we miss
our solution, which is always inside, begging for a voice to be heard.
As our problems, our solutions lie within. Through self-awareness and
creativity,insight and intuition we become aware of this, as we
explore the mind-body connection. – David Mohler

David Mohler

center for health evolution
David Mohler

David Mohler is a therapist with 30 years working with individiuals, couples and groups. He uses a variety of therapeutic tools with clients depending on their needs and wants. A flexible, person centered orientation which may include Cognitive / behavioral therapy, insight and mindfulness focus, analytical/depth psychology utilizing story telling with mythology and astrology. Mind body modalities including therapeutic yoga and polarity therapy, . The goal is increased awareness of self, personal power and purpose in recognizing the responsibility of health (mental and physical) integration and evolution.

David Mohler is a Mental Health Examiner for Multnomah County Oregon, Clackamas County Oregon, and consultant with Multnomah County Public Defenders since 1987. He also served as Clinical Manager for Mental Health Partners from 1997 to 2001.

David has always had an interest in yoga, spiritual health and alternative medicine, as well as astrology. He brings those elements together in a wholistic, respectful, open minded practice.

To contact David for a session, click here.

To join in Everyday Peace, David’s local community gatherings based on the teachings of Prem Rawat, click here.


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